With over 35 years of industrial, commercial, and institutional experience; we provide our clients with superior project designers and managers, master electricians, and licensed technicians for any sized project ranging from new systems design and installation to upgrades and retrofits. We offer:

  • Electrical Construction and Wiring: Installation, repair, and maintenance of building, machine, overhead, and underground wiring; low and high voltage; and electrical remodeling.

  • Lighting Design and Layout: Complete lighting systems including fluorescent, incandescent, LED, and high intensity discharge lighting; outdoor and area lighting, interior exterior, parking lot, stadium, emergency, and exit lighting installation and upgrades; bucket truck services.

  • Electrical Generating Systems: Delivery and installation of turnkey power generating systems including green energy solutions for primary, stand-by, and emergency use.

  • UPS: Uninterruptable power supply systems to deliver power and ensure continuous electrical usage, protecting against peak demand charges, rolling blackouts, or power grid failure.

  • Grounding and Surge Protection: Compliant grounding and surge suppression for electrical and telecommunication systems to mitigate spikes from lightning strikes or unexpected power fluctuations.

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