NDOR - Cantilever projects

  • Construction started in May of 2015 with Sadler Electric as the Prime Contractor for the Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR)

  • Major work included the installation of (15) Cantilever sign structures ranging in size from 35’ long to 65’ long with (10 to 12) 2” diameter anchor bolts, (258 CY) of CV-4000 NDOR structural concrete, (37835 lbs) of reinforcing steel, and (2912 sq ft) of Type C extruded back aluminum signs. Structures were designed and fabricated by Woerner Wire in Omaha, NE with design services of Thompson Dressen and Dorner (TD2). The foundations ranged in size from 4’ diameter x 15’ deep all the way up to 6’ in diameter by 39’ deep. The locations of the sign structures were mainly on I80 and I680 throughout the Omaha Metro area.

  • All of the sign locations were to replace existing structures removed previously due to damaged embedded anchor bolts in the foundations that were found during routine testing by NDOR that had to be taken down for safety reasons. By the time the project hit the streets, the old structures had been removed for around 6 months. Therefore the NDOR wanted to get the new ones installed and erected ASAP. This lead the NDOR to implement difficult time constraints, nighttime working hours, and limited working space in the contract document. NDOR only allowed 5 working days for the completion of each cantilever. Lane closures and restrictions were only allowed from 10PM to 5AM on I80 westbound and eastbound. Sadler Electric averaged around 2.5 working days for each of the structure installs from the starting of the foundations to assembly of the steel sign structures to the final setting of the structures and tightening of the anchor bolts.

  • When all the work was said and done, Sadler Electric exceeded NDOR’s expectations. Not only in the time it was originally designed to install the new structures, but also the quality and professionalism in the execution of the work. Furthermore on this project, Sadler Electric designed and installed the largest cantilever sign structure the NDOR had ever completed in the State.

  • Time lapse video of cantilever foundation install: