Offutt Airforce Base – USSTRATCOM Contractor Gate Entry Modifications

  • Construction started in April of 2012 with JE Dunn as the Prime Contractor and the USACE as the Owner/Inspector for the project.

  • Sadler Electric partnered with JE Dunn Construction to perform a design-build gate entry for the STRATCOM Gate at Offutt Air Force Base which included the design and construction of a new Gatehouse, four ID Check Stations, an Overwatch Guard Station and a new entry gate canopy that covers 6,540 square feet. This is the main Entry Control Facility for the AFB and was designed to make an initial impact upon people entering the Base.

  • This project was a high profile project with many design and construction challenges. Since this was the main gate for the Base, it was imperative to maintain operations and traffic flow throughout the construction period. This required the design team to carefully consider phasing and constructability throughout the life of the project and design. Traffic lanes were rearranged to help with traffic flow onto the Base, comply with AT/FP and to better serve the needs of the existing COV Inspection Facility and the Visitors Control Center. Furthermore, the design included safety and intrusion prevention systems for counter-terrorism measures. The design also required the reconfiguration of the existing Sac Blvd and Butler Blvd traffic signal intersection. This was challenging due to the close proximity of the new signal intersection to the overwatch and final denial barrier.