With over 35 years of industrial, commercial, and institutional experience; we provide our clients with superior project designers and managers, master electricians, and licensed technicians for any sized project ranging from new systems design and installation to upgrades and retrofits. We offer:

  • Electrical Construction and Wiring: Installation, repair, and maintenance of building, machine, overhead, and underground wiring; low and high voltage; and electrical remodeling.

  • Lighting Design and Layout: Complete lighting systems including fluorescent, incandescent, LED, and high intensity discharge lighting; outdoor and area lighting, interior exterior, parking lot, stadium, emergency, and exit lighting installation and upgrades; bucket truck services.

  • Electrical Generating Systems: Delivery and installation of turnkey power generating systems including green energy solutions for primary, stand-by, and emergency use.

  • UPS: Uninterruptable power supply systems to deliver power and ensure continuous electrical usage, protecting against peak demand charges, rolling blackouts, or power grid failure.

  • Grounding and Surge Protection: Compliant grounding and surge suppression for electrical and telecommunication systems to mitigate spikes from lightning strikes or unexpected power fluctuations.

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Traffic Signals/Street Lighting


One of Sadler Electric’s core areas of work is traffic signal, street lighting, and exterior lighting installations. Since our start in electrical contracting in the early 1980’s in Omaha, NE; we have grown to be one of the preferred electrical traffic signal, street lighting, and exterior lighting contractors in the industry.

As traffic congestion continues to grow, there is an increasing need to develop and implement smart traffic signals systems on our roadways. Our staff includes the traffic signal professionals who fully understand design and construction implementation requirements whom are the only Level III IMSA certified technicians in the area. We are continuously adapting and developing our services to stay current with cutting edge technologies to order to meet and often exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.

Our services include:
  • Traffic Signal and Lighting Design Assist Services

  • Sign Lighting

  • Wireless Communications

  • Sensing Technologies such as Inductive Loop Detection, Video Vehicle Detection, and Radar Detection Equipment

  • Emergency Vehicle Notification Systems (Opticom)

  • Dynamic Traffic Light Sequence/Adaptive Signal Systems

  • Underground Infrastructure including directional boring

  • High Mast Tower lighting

  • Parking Lot and building exterior lighting

  • Roadway and Street lighting, both Public and Private

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Highway Signing


One of Sadler Electric’s new fundamental areas of work is highway sign structures, DMS sign structures, and roadway signage installations. Since expanding into the highway guide sign area in 2008; we have grown to be the contractor of choice in the Omaha Metro Area.

Our experience has allowed us to install cantilevers sign structures up to 65’ long, box chord sign structures up to 150’ long, signing mast arms up to 70’ long, "W" beam sign post installation, and everything in-between.

Whether the installation requires a large diameter, deep drilled shaft or a spread footing with a formed wall section; we have the tools, equipment, and knowledge to complete even the most difficult installations. Small or large, we can get it done.

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Intelligent transportation systems (ITS)


Sadler Electric has the knowledge to implement the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) which varies in technologies, from traffic signal control systems; variable and dynamic message signs; security CCTV systems; Wireless communications; Adaptive Traffic signal controllers; weather and roadway information; parking guidance and information systems; bridge de-icing (US deicing) systems; and the like.

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Council Bluffs Interstate System Improvement Program (CBIS) for the Iowa Department of Transportation (IADOT)


The Council Bluffs Interstate System Improvement Program is an ongoing comprehensive interstate redesign project which will modernize the highway system and improve mobility and safety of approximately 18 miles of interstate running through the Council Buffs area in Iowa. It is the single largest project currently in the Iowa DOT's five-year Transportation Improvement Program. The program has and will be implemented in smaller, manageable projects ranging from $10M to $150M over time. These projects are prioritized by available funding and most significant impacts to traffic management, safety and vehicle capacity. The IADOT has partnered with the FHWA and HDR as the design consultant to expand the system to handle the 30 year traffic volumes estimated to run through I80 and I29. Improvements include updates to the lighting, traffic signal, ITS, guide signing, and related infrastructure.